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g milk is believed to contribute t▓o one's beauty. As soon as a girl's breasts ▓emerge, she is warned by her parents to a▓bstain from sexual activities. Pregnancy outside marriage

eemen▓t.Before the abolition of m
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was punished by death or expulsion fro▓m the home.A Munyankole father, occasionally assist▓ed by his relatives,

able to Iru farm

is obliged to get a wife for his s▓on by paying the required bride-wealth, which consists of two cows, three g

ers. Since the

oats, and some pots of beer among Bairu "Agriculturalists", among Bahima "herdsmen" it may range from two to t

Hima population

wenty cows, depending o▓n how wealthy a person is.A marriage may be arranged by the couple's parents, or the bo

was much ▓smaller than Iru population, gifts a

y may propose to the girl during adolescence. Once the bride-price has been paid, preparations for the wed

nd tributes demanded by the Hima could be supplied easily. The

se ▓factors probabl

ding begin.On the wedding day t▓he bride's father sla

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are prepared for f▓easting at the bride's hom

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this case are herdsmen would find it rep

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